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What size was the chest of Lara Croft, before crept up to our favorite, the fifth? Or what color his pants were from Duke Nukem and whether he was generally Duke, or he was a woman? What features have been added and what removed from the final release of a game.

4 February 2007 | base, color, female, size

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• The release of Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Today, as planned, officials began selling long-term construction of the famous - the game Duke Nukem Forever.
• Reviewers did not like Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Western observers have met a very cool project of Duke Nukem Forever, the development of which took about 14 years.
• Video games help the 100-year old woman to maintain clarity of mind »»»
The British Kathleen Connell, who last week celebrated its 100 years, argues that the only way by which it maintains clarity of mind - is her favorite video game console on the Nintendo DS.
• Les examinateurs n'ont pas comme Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Les observateurs occidentaux ont rencontré un projet très cool de Duke Nukem Forever, dont le développement a pris environ 14 ans.
• Rezensenten nicht wie Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Westliche Beobachter haben ein sehr cooles Projekt von Duke Nukem Forever, deren Entwicklung rund 14 Jahre dauerte, traf.