American parents are waiting for the invasion of pedophiles

Brad Hicks (Brad Hicks), journalist information publications My Fox Milwaukee, was the “author” new hysteria star-spangled society. Now all American parents are waiting for the invasion of pedophiles, accusing an innocent-looking console Nintendo DS is that it opens perverts the widest scope for action.

stumbling block was fun feature PictoChat: it works like a normal computer chat, only sides not publish their messages and write their stylus on the touch screen. Besides binding pocket console, not through the Internet, and the system of Wi-Fi, whose range is about 20 meters. However, Mr Hicks empirically demonstrated that this figure could easily increase to four or even five times.

potential victims

Brad has publicly stated that since most DS enjoyed by children, PictoChat - a real godsend for pedophiles. Evil maniacs will be able to quietly approach, remotely starts a conversation with an unsuspecting victim and lure her into a trap. Mr Hicks was not too lazy to contact Nintendo representative to discuss issues raised by them and even received a response. The Commissioner told us that Nintendo knows about this threat, so in the instructions to the DS clearly defined security rules, among which there is a ban on communicating with strangers. But whether these admonitions reassure the worried parents - is not known.

11 February 2007 | action, author, console, ds, edition, journalist, nintendo, parent, space

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