Every resident Balakovo can beat the mayor with a club. Virtually. Mayor is the endorses

The result of this mayor is there, that is, on the face. Bruises and cones to guide the city mayor and everyone can. Virtually. The initiator of the computer was made fun of the mayor himself: let him hit the Internet, if only to explain why.
To get on the unpolished roads to work for Maxim Shvareva - a real test. For three days, the lawyer begins his working day with claims to the chapter. Hastily went to the Internet and directly appeals to the authorities.

Maxim Shvarev: “On!” Get! “Here’s a rut, it’s over unmade roads, with the puddle in which I traveled to New Year’s Eve, with the number that I was looking for in this pool, and could not find.”

The head of the city from such attacks is trying to hide in the building of the administration, but the complaints continue to crumble. And then there is a bruise on his face, bruises on his cheek. And the last stage - the head on crutches. For 50 seconds Max time to hit the club 23 times.

Maxim Shvarev: “He says he corrected. Let’s hope.”

The idea, as in Japan - beating the dummy head - at a meeting with journalists filed a chapter of the city. An innocent joke, and he himself becomes a target. A few days online game has become very popular in Balakovo. At the forum was showered with offers to change the stick to brick, and even a chainsaw sword Jedi.

7 February 2010

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