Switzerland has banned computer games with elements of cruelty. Gamers are indignant and want to hold a referendum

Swiss Parliament approved a law banning violent games and is preparing to issue a document, prescribe its mechanism of action, reports MCV.

What details will be included in the final version of the document is still unknown. Some legislators advocate radical measures: in their view, to prohibit the manufacture, importation and advertising of games, which advocated violence against people or human-beings. According to another bill, the game can not ban completely, but should limit the sale of wicked toys for children and adolescents.

It is noteworthy that two years ago, the Swiss Parliament in the same group had previously considered the idea of limiting violent videogames, but then it was dismissed. In addition, it is important to understand that under the laws of gamers, if a sufficient quantity, will defend their right to shoot and kill in the virtual space.

22 March 2010

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