Who are against violent games?

Oddly enough, not only in the U.S., people are protesting against violent games. If we take for example the same Germany, there generally are all very strictly, there was even banned visualization of blood. However, the German authorities do not like to stir up scandals. However, this can not be said about American politicians who love to pick up around this question considerable noise. One need only recall the trial of the former governor of California against the gaming industry.

27 November 2010

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• U.S. Supreme Court will review a ban on the sale of "violent games" to children under 18 years »»»
U.S. Supreme Court will consider the legality of California law, which prohibits the sale of “violent videogames” to children.
• Switzerland has banned computer games with elements of cruelty. Gamers are indignant and want to hold a referendum »»»
Swiss Parliament approved a law banning violent games and is preparing to issue a document, prescribe its mechanism of action, reports MCV.
• Violent computer games have led to a drop in crime in the U.S. »»»
This conclusion was made in the University of Texas. Scientists believe that the transient increase in aggression after violent games do not have long-term adverse effects and.
• U. S. de la Cour suprême va examiner une interdiction de la vente des "jeux violents" pour les enfants moins de 18 ans »»»
U. S. de la Cour suprême va examiner la légalité des lois de la Californie, qui interdit la vente de “jeux vidéo violents” pour les enfants.
• Youth Committee of the State Duma wants to encourage Russian ruble manufacturers patriotic games »»»
After the scandal surrounding the game “Call of Duty”, where gamers offered to shoot civilians passengers at Sheremetyevo, the State Duma is seriously concerned unpatriotic content of computer games.