In South Korea to ban free online games

In the near future, South Koreans may lose access to all shareware online games. The Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism intends to prohibit the sale of virtual items, which is the main source of income for the F2P-projects. Details of the bill will be announced in July, but after its adoption, the majority of MMOG developers will either have to withdraw from the Korean market, or change the business model.

Officials believe that young Koreans, including students who devote too much time searching and trading game items, while they have to deal with learning and other more useful things. With a virtual trade associated with multiple social problems, and teenagers who want to get any price coveted sword, often go on a crime - theft and even murder. The ban will also get special programs, bots, by which the hero can collect items without the participation of the player.

16 June 2012

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