Half-Life 2 goes into space

The network has a beta version of Eternal Silence, an unusual modification of Half-Life 2. Multiplayer modes built on the engine Source, but it has its own scenario and appetizing “highlight” in content.

25 September 2006 | content, engine, eva, fashion, half-life, network, script

3 days before the release of Defcon
Gazeta.ru, conducts chess tournament

• Main heroine Half-Life 2, now has news »»»
Program News at Seven generates newscast gathering them from various sources, sorts, selects the screenshot to the events and then through a system of speech synthesis, as well as through the engine Source, Alyx Vance (Half-Life Heroine 2) read the whole thing.
• Main Heldin Half-Life 2, ist nun Finanznachrichten »»»
Programm News at Seven generiert Nachrichtensendung sammeln sie aus verschiedenen Quellen, sortiert, wählt den Screenshot, um die Ereignisse und dann durch ein System von Sprach-Synthese, sowie durch die Source-Engine, Alyx Vance (Half-Life Heroine 2) Lesen Sie die ganze Sache.
• Main Half-Life 2 héroïne, a maintenant nouvelles »»»
Nouvelles des programmes à Seven génère téléjournal les réunir à partir de sources diverses, trie, sélectionne la capture d’écran pour les événements et ensuite à travers un système de synthèse vocale, ainsi que par le Source Engine, Alyx Vance (Half-Life Heroine 2) lire le tout.
• Virtual player to virtually crucified / Download and read the best on NETz.ru »»»
One of the participants in a network game Roma Victor, a scenario which is based on the life of the Roman Empire, was crucified on the cross for an incorrect behavior and violation of the rules.
• Entertainment on a new way of Rambler! »»»
Rambler Internet Holding, introduced a beta version of its entertainment section.