Territory and IT together make Games.Mail.Ru,.

“Working together with an online store can extend the range of the shop with us Games.Mail.Ru, and ensure the physical delivery of gaming users. All this, in turn, increases the range of services that we provide to our visitor,” - says creative director Company area of IT and head of the portal Games.Mail.Ru, Alice Chumachenko.

9 October 2006 | , company, director, director, portal, service, spaces, user, visitor

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• Wargaming launched Turservice WGtravel with rewards for the players World of Tanks »»»
The developer of the game World of Tanks has launched a project WGtravel - service for the selection of tickets and hotel reservations online.
• gives Nival $ 20M for online games? »»»
Nival Interactive has found an investor who spent $ 20 million investment in the department of online games.
• The long-awaited full version of Heroes of Might & Magic 5! Meet! »»»
1C Company and the company Nival Interactive reported that as early as next week, from 10 to 13 May, all visitors to the gaming hall of 1C in the exhibition CSTB 2006 will be able to play the full version of the game Heroes of Might & Magic 5 — continuation of the cult series of turn-based strategy game!
• For the project "IT Area" 2,5 million users »»»
August 30 the number of users registered on the projects “The territories of information technology” exceeded 2.
• NIKITA.Online - 18 years on the crest of a wave »»»
October 14, 2009 Moscow October 14, 2009 Company NIKITA.Online, one of the leading publishers of online games on the territory of Russia.