Voyage Century Online: the official launch!

Cheers! Today, December 22, Internet Gaming Gate (IGG) has launched a swimming amazing sea online toy Voyage Century Online, which created a spirit of adventure in the 16 th century!
Moreover, the creators once again accentuate your attention to how it is important feedback from users, and promise that all beta accounts and features will be preserved. Besides, you still can join the beta testers, click on the link.
All, I can not write any more - really want to plunge into the magical world of pirates, sea battles and other exciting adventures the 16 th century!

23 December 2006 | adventure, century, december, online, run, toy

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Voyage Century Online - one of the few MMORP-games, the main events which unfolds not on the ground or in space, and at sea.
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Voyage Century Online - un des rares MMORP-jeux, les principaux événements qui se déploie pas sur le sol ou dans l’espace, et en mer.