HDCP - Connecting DVI monitor to the PLAYSTATION 3

Not all will know that the PlayStation 3 supports HDCP. And not all will know what вобще is HDCP.
Let’s start from the beginning. HDCP is the copy-protection technology used in HDMI. If you plug an HDMI cable to your TV then everything will be fine and you will see the image. And if you connect the cable to any device left in order to, for example, “merge” on his film, which plays …

31 January 2007 | cable, hdcp, hdmi, monitor, playstation, protection, technology

Super-popular game Tringo will be switched to TV
Microsoft game console will be released in Russia before the competitor from Sony

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Additional protection Windows Vista makes it impossible to play in some of the Web’s most popular games.
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It turns out, PlayStation 3 - is not the only new gaming industry, which in March, promises to appear in Australia.
• GamePark offers PlayStation 3 for 21,990 rubles »»»
March 23, 2007 - the date of the official start of sales in Europe and PAL-territory.
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Once again reyabyata with ps3news.com not cease to surprise, showing the whole world to view the Playstation Netwrok (PSN) on a PC.
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The next edition Fox28 reports that the 13th of December in Indiana, there was a very funny, but at the same time and a sad case.