Personal mercenaries!

Unheard of news. Driven only by her explanation, Electronic Arts decided to release a continuation of the GTA-shaped fighter Mercenaries are not only on next-generation consoles - the list of target platforms randomly wormed and PC. Premiere Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is scheduled for the Christmas holidays, a good gift for the New Year will be able to get the owners of personal computers, PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360.

25 February 2007 | action, console, continued, generation, image, list, motif, news, platform

Playstation Netwrok on a PC (Guide)
Translation of a report about a press conference with Warhammer Alliance

• Harry Potter 5 ... »»»
Forces publisher Electronic Arts is developing a new part of the game about the adventures of a talented wizard Harry Potter based on the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
• PS2 - "pomatrosil and threw" »»»
If you suddenly decide that now, with the latter, Next-gene all previous consoles at once transferred to the level of waste and recycle, you are certainly mistaken - won, PlayStation 2 sold more than good to this day.
• Opera on the Wii »»»
Company with a capital letter “N” decided not to leave the brainchild of the recently released Wii unattended and today announced a regular lotion to her.
• Virtua Fighter 5 »»»
SEGA have once again demonstrated their care attitude to the adherents of the PlayStation 3 - first withhold Virtua Fighter 5 for better times, but now he announced the same to the enemy camp - Xbox 360.
• New Trailer Unreal Tournament 3 »»»
Epic company introduced a new exclusive video game Unreal Tournament 3 release is scheduled for the second quarter of this year.