“STALKER” to “gold”

We are glad to inform all fans of the project “STALKER”, that the game went into print! The project, developed by GSC Game World for 5 years, finally entering the home stretch.

We are confident that the majority of those who will open the world of stalkerskoy Zone, a long time “sick” game. Soon anyone will be able to discover the world of man-made disasters and unsolved mysteries. Mutants, monsters and anomalies, mysteries and unknown places, enemies and comrades, the dangerous battles and exciting job in arms waiting for you! For

link can not walk. News I copied here in full.

2 March 2007 | fan, gold, gsc, print, projects, world

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• Demo project closed Fallout 3 »»»
Do you remember Fallout? Religious RPG in the post nuclear world still excites consciousness?
• Mobile Sea Dogs »»»
One of the most popular computer games available for mobile phones!
• Sonic and Mario get together face to face »»»
Company Nintendo and Sega are combined to create a common game in which they want to put each other some of the most exciting game characters Mario and Sonic.
• Firaxis Games are planning to recreate the UFO: Enemy Unknown »»»
According to the website Game Informer, the company Firaxis Games, best known for producing such games Sid Meier, Civilization as from the third to fifth parts, recreating the pirates, etc.
• Hellgate: London - release scheduled for the summer »»»
One of the most famous long-term construction, a hybrid of action games and role-playing game Hellgate: London, found a more or less approximate date of release.