10 most important games in history

In the United States are very fond of the various sum it up, make top-lists and organize halls of fame. That’s for computer entertainment, it was decided to create something similar.

17 March 2007 | entertainment, history, result, usa

007 - NightFire
Good Game Awards: Awards ceremony in e-sports

• Fans of video games serve in the army better than others »»»
According to the Office of Naval Research USA, combat missions with the best handle those soldiers who are to serve in the army is actively playing computer games.
• Games E3 reborn in new format »»»
Organizers of the largest annual exhibition of the achievements of the industry of computer entertainment Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known under the acronym of E3 has finally decided, with its new format, date and venue.
• Compulsive gambling »»»
People love to play games. Not only in gambling. In 60-ies in the United States have become very popular so-called “role-playing games.
• Pyhar and HroniG »»»
Yahoo! Games talked the other day with a great director Kevin Smith for all sorts of interesting topics.
• In Minsk, Belarus eliminated first in the Internet-brothels »»»
Minsk police reported the elimination of the first Belarusian underground network of online brothels.