Demo project closed Fallout 3

Do you remember Fallout? Religious RPG in the post nuclear world still excites consciousness? Still waiting for the third coming of the great and terrible? Alas, to a full-thirds of both the moon and, alas, it is designed not legendary Black Isle Studios created the first and second parts, but …

But expectation can brighten up the demo version of that same third Fallout, for which at one time undertook Black Isle, but, unfortunately, and so it is not completed. The demo has the status of pre-alpha, which means that the large number of bugs and flaws.

Note: This demo version of the game, which was not finished and will never be finished. Only of use of the project, which has long been closed. In general, only for the fans.

2 May 2007 | demo version, fallout, projects, rpg, world

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Before the Fallout 3 trailer only a little over a month

• Fallout 3 Alfa version, swing? »»»
Interplay company closed its role-division Black Isle Studios in late 2003.
• Fallout 3 version Alfa, swing? »»»
Interplay Société a fermé son rôle-division Black Isle Studios à la fin de 2003.
• Fallout 3 Alfa Версия, качаем? »»»
Компания Interplay закрыла свое ролевое подразделение Black Isle Studios в конце 2003 года.
• Fallout 3 Alfa-Version, Schaukel? »»»
Interplay Unternehmen schloss seine Rolle-Abteilung Black Isle Studios Ende 2003.
• Fallout 3 Alfa Версія, качаем? »»»
Компанія Interplay закрила своє рольове підрозділ Black Isle Studios в кінці 2003 року.