Appendix Facebook Occupy W @ ll Street. Russian use of our social network to restore the people against our ideals

This week’s TV RT advised that his application for users of Facebook Occupy W @ ll Street nominated for the award in the U.S., according to Financial Times columnist Gary Silverman. “I am - a child of the Cold War, so it occurred to me there and then climbed up different ideas,” - says the author. RT Editor in Chief Margarita Simonyan announced in a press release that this is the first game inspired by the motion of “Borrow Wall Street.”

The author retells the description of the game provided by RT: “application allows you to leave comments and” hold “properties on a virtual map of the financial district of New York” - says commentator. As stated in the abstract, it allows you to join the movement, from the comfort of his cozy home.

First, the author thought it was a nightmare incarnate Senator McCarthy: Russian ‘use of our social network to restore the people of the world against our ideal of free markets. ”

But this time the revolution is conceived as a purely virtual: Russian came to teach the discontented to play computer games.

2 June 2012

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