In Steam stopped working offline

A few days ago, many users of digital distribution service Valve faced with the fact that they can no longer go into offline mode, which allowed them to play without a network connection. All games are only available online, which continues to function correctly, but when you try to go into offline mode, they are faced with the message that “Unable to connect to Steam network due to lack of data account on the computer.”

Employee Valve announced that they are aware of this problem and is currently working on it. The decisions and the reasons for this problem has not yet been found.

5 July 2012

Officially launched Call of Duty Online
Stavropolets presented himself as a hero computer game GTA. The result of the “game” - one dead, six wounded, several accidents

• The annual sale of computer games on Steam will begin June 12 at 21.00 in Moscow »»»
Before you dig, colleagues, remember that the H2 is a category of “Games” and in it as much as much as 3 sub-sections.
• Kyiv the company that created the game STALKER and "The Cossacks", decided to self-destruct »»»
I work in this industry. I did not expect. No one was expecting.
• Officially launched Call of Duty Online »»»
Publisher Activision has officially submitted a shooter Call of Duty Online, reports VG24 / 7.
• In Minsk, Belarus eliminated first in the Internet-brothels »»»
Minsk police reported the elimination of the first Belarusian underground network of online brothels.
• Russian Emergencies Ministry is preparing a Fallout - a computer game about the effects of radiation »»»
The Ministry for Emergency Situations is preparing a computer game, the challenge is - to wean Russians from radio-phobia, the fear is radioactive and X-rays.