Main heroine Half-Life 2, now has news

Program News at Seven generates newscast gathering them from various sources, sorts, selects the screenshot to the events and then through a system of speech synthesis, as well as through the engine Source, Alyx Vance (Half-Life Heroine 2) read the whole thing.

7 October 2006 | engine, event, half-life, issue, news, program, screenshots, source, system

Games in Vista will run on 10-15% slower than XP
Striking difference between the consoles, Wii and Xbox 360

• Half-Life 2 goes into space »»»
The network has a beta version of Eternal Silence, an unusual modification of Half-Life 2.
• Half-Life 2 geht in den Weltraum »»»
Das Netz hat eine Beta-Version von Eternal Silence, eine ungewöhnliche Modifikation von Half-Life 2.
• Half-Life 2 va dans l'espace »»»
Le réseau dispose d’une version bêta de Eternal Silence, une modification inhabituelle de Half-Life 2.
• Half-Life 2 выходит в космос »»»
В Сети появилась бета-версия Eternal Silence, необычной модификации Half-Life 2.
• Half-Life 2 виходить у космос »»»
У Мережі з’явилася бета-версія Eternal Silence, незвичайної модифікації Half-Life 2.