FAQ: Rig 3: The Conquest of America

Q: When will the game?
A: A beta version is scheduled for December 2006. Exit game - on the successful completion of testing.
Q: How many discs will be released on the game and whether it will be released on DVD?
A: Most likely, on DVD. This is due to the large volume of data.
Q: Does working will be released a demo version of the game?
A: None. Demo version will not be issued.
Q: Do you plan to beta test the game with the involvement of gamers and under what conditions?
A: Yes, to test the game is planned to involve volunteers gamers. On conditions for the participation of gamers in the beta test will be announced later.
Q: Which version of the game will be released in the first place: Russian or English?
A: First, will exit the game in Russia.
Q: What are the requirements for processor performance, value RAM and GPU?
A: System requirements for the game have not yet fully defined. A rough estimate would need a processor with a frequency of 2 GHz, at least 512 MB of RAM and a GeForce graphics adapter class 5 or higher with at least 64MB of memory.
Q: Will the game is compatible with realistic game controllers that have a fixed number of transmissions, or 3 pedals?
A: The game will support all popular game controllers, including steering wheels with clutch pedal.
Q: How big will be the card of the game world, where exactly will be the action of the game and how much will the cities?
A: The game will be occur in California and in some parts of Nevada. Be modeled about 2000 km of roads in the game world. Players will see more than 40 cities and towns, as well as mountains, deserts, valleys and ocean coast of California.
Q: How many models of trucks will be in the game?
A: In total, the game will be about 40 models of trucks and passenger cars.
Q: Will there be licensed truck models, “brands”?
A: Yes, it will be.

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