Alawar Entertainment has released a trainer for mathematicians

The company Alawar Entertainment, specializing in so-called casual games, has released a new product called “Magic Numbers”. Abroad, the game will be distributed as Numericon.

Unlike most previous releases, the “magic numbers” the emphasis is not on the speed of reaction, but on the logic and attention. The game is a puzzle, in which the user is encouraged to build a digital circuit. But because the need to solve problems in real time, quick response is also needed. In addition, the “magic numbers” has several game modes and a complex system of bonuses.

Genre “casual games”, to which the “magic numbers” - computer entertainment-oriented to a mass audience and do not require any special skills or knowledge, with a simple and affordable control and low demands on the availability of free time.

29 November 2006 | company, name, number, predictions, product, reaction

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