The Lord of the Rings Online: At the time of release of the game will be over 1300 quests

At Ten Ton Hammer forums posted a fresh interview on The Lord of the Rings Online with Turbine director Jeff Anderson (Jeff Anderson), in which he revealed a few interesting details about the quests. He said that the developer one of the criteria of elaboration quest is fulfilled percentage of his players. If a task is executed less than 30% of beta testers, the staff Turbine (often including Jeff himself) begin to figure out what is connected with his low popularity - the complexity of implementation, confusing instructions, errors, or just not interested - and then corrects any problems.

At the same time, Mr. Anderson opened and the total number of jobs in LotRO - at the time of release of the game will be over 1300 quests.

29 November 2006 | couple, details, director, forum, interview, jeff anderson, quest, release, time

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