PlayStation 4 - will not be

Even before launching the PlayStation 3 and Wii just lazy analyst predicted the fate of each, did not promise an incredible success and a complete disaster for another. Now that both consoles on the market, analysts estimate the chances of Sony and Nintendo in the future.

Now executive director of the U.S. subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment, Kaz Hirai has been recalled to Tokyo for promotion to director of all Sony Computer Entertainment (Ken Kutaragi, so has held this position, as has been raised), and the post of CEO of the American branch will Jack Treton. Kaz Hirai will continue its work, but now at the head office, “- said in a statement.

However, in raising Hirai, Sony which explains how to strengthen its executive team, many analysts see a shift in the president overseas offices, related to a failure launch. No wonder - the problem with the production of Blu-ray lasers have abolished the world and severely restricted the release of Japanese and North American.

Main pessimist can say analysts Utah Sakurai from the firm Nomura Securities, who believes that the PlayStation 3 will be the last console to Sony:

“The new appointment Hirai could be the start of shift the focus from hardware to soft, - said Sakurai. - Now I just can not imagine a PlayStation 4″ - insisted on his analyst, arguing that, first, Hirai has made in this area is much more successful, and, secondly, there is a very concrete example - Sega.

now Sony is the largest manufacturer of electronic devices, and in the development of a PS3 just has invested more than one billion. In this regard, Dave Karraker, a representative of SCEA, Sakurai replied: “Even a few weeks before the launch of the PlayStation 3, we saw a huge demand in the market, and I think only short-sighted to say that these consoles will not.”

4 December 2006 | analyst, branch, console, dormouse, hira, playstation, run, success, wii

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