The good old games

Remarkable in all respects chelovechische dogbowl of Nashville collects antique toys company Nintendo, photographs them and puts on a special page

5 December 2006 | company, home, nintendo, ratio, toy

PS3 goes to England …

• In Japan, there was an exhibition devoted to the 100-year history of Nintendo »»»
Nintendo was founded in Kyoto in 1889. The first business of the company were playing cards “hanafuda” (Hanafuda).
• The attractive wildness: Wildlife Park 2 / ITNOVOSTI.RU »»»
Simulators zoos enough - to take even the most popular Zoo Tycoon 2.
• New toys Yandex »»»
Are New Year’s toys lying around in the closet? Let it be virtual toys.
• Counter-Strike - a paradise for advertising »»»
Studio Threewave Software shed light on some facts concerning the recent deal on the use of Counter-Strike as an advertising platform.
• Nintendo officially comes to Russia's market »»»
Nintendo Company and “New CD” concluded a distribution agreement. The announcement of the beginning of the partnership coincided with the announcement in Russia, a new gaming console Nintendo Wii.