Pyhar and HroniG

Yahoo! Games talked the other day with a great director Kevin Smith for all sorts of interesting topics.

One of them - the production of computer toys at the most popular a couple of his paintings - Dzhee and silent Bob (Smith himself plays the latter).

Kevin for diversity not want to entertain the audience, and entertain yourself - on a soft couch with a gamepad in their hands. For future games, he is ready to write the script for slaughter, if somebody would do everything else (hello, we are looking for talent!).

Western press, meanwhile, concurs that Smith should be taken as the main characters are not described above has a couple of and their alter-ego: Pyharya and Chronicle, eponymous comic book heroes. The reason is simple - if the director decides to make a virtual amusement in his traditional style (lots of smart dialogue, and no less chic humor), have all chances to fail in the mass market (as happened with brilliant Psychonauts).

15 December 2006 | couple, director, games, hero, kevin smith, production, pyhar, topic, toy

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