What will tell where to buy Counter-Strike

Now in the game world of Counter-Strike will be advertising. It will be placed directly on the walls in the locations, as well as in spectator mode and in the results table.

What are you talking about? She and so there was? Well, yes, but then it was placed illegally, and now Valve went to meet cunning advertisers and has signed an agreement with the Agency in-game advertising IGA Worldwide.

Valve - not the first company that introduced such advertising in their games. Advertising from IGA Worldwide already has a shooter Battlefield 2142. Moreover, according to DailyTech, it also built a module that analyzes the sites visited by the player, and adds to the game just ads that are most suited to their interests.

Can not say that regular players were delighted with the event . Suppose that while pleased that this agreement does not apply to Counter-Strike: Source and Condition Zero.

22 December 2006 | advertising, counter-strike, location, mode, results, wall, world

In Counter-Strike will be advertising
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• In Counter-Strike will be advertising »»»
In-game advertising agency IGA Worldwide has signed an agreement with Valve to introduce advertising to Counter-Strike.
• Dans Counter-Strike seront publicité »»»
In-Game Advertising Agency IGA Worldwide a signé un accord avec Valve pour introduire la publicité à Counter-Strike.
• В Counter-Strike появится реклама »»»
Агентство внутриигровой рекламы IGA Worldwide подписало соглашение с компанией Valve на внедрение рекламы в Counter-Strike.
• У Counter-Strike з'явиться реклама »»»
Агентство внутріігровой реклами IGA Worldwide підписало угоду з компанією Valve на впровадження реклами в Counter-Strike.
• In Counter-Strike wird Werbung »»»
In-hat-Spiel Werbeagentur IGA Worldwide eine Vereinbarung mit Ventil, um Werbung für Counter-Strike einzuführen unterzeichnet.