Playstation3 reach Europe

Already yesterday on the shelves of European shops appeared Playstation 3. As previously announced the company Sony, only one model available - with a hard drive with 60 GB and costs 599 euros.

22 March 2007 | company, countertops, dormouse, drive, europe, model, playstation, price, shop

Blocked users can pay off half a liter of fresh blood
GamePark offers PlayStation 3 for 21,990 rubles

• Start selling PS3 in Europe is scheduled for March 23 »»»
The European branch of Sony has announced readiness for a European launch on March 23.
• tested Gaming Mouse X-750BF trademark A4Tech »»»
In June 2006, in shops, new laser and optical gaming mouse series X7 trademark A4Tech.
• PS1 - classics already available for PSP »»»
By issuing the freshest firmware 3.01 for PSP, Sony announced - from now on it will be running games with the classic PlayStation 1.
• The Japanese bought up the entire stock of Sony Playstation 3 for six hours at 5 boxes per second »»»
According to vendors and representatives of the company Sony, the whole circulation of hundreds of thousands of console buyers dismantled six hours - the hour of the day on the shelves or there was not one Playstation 3.
• PS3 hacked! Appeared first mod chip »»»
Now we are talking about mod-chip for installation of which need to be able to keep in the hands of the soldering iron (you need to solder 34 wires).