U.S. Supreme Court will review a ban on the sale of “violent games” to children under 18 years

U.S. Supreme Court will consider the legality of California law, which prohibits the sale of “violent videogames” to children. It was adopted in 2005, but has not yet entered into force.

Just a week ago because of “lack of respect for freedom of speech, the Supreme Court overturned a federal law banning video with elements of cruelty to animals. In this regard, the fate of California’s regulation seems sad.

What is meant by cruelty legislators Sunshine State? “Murder, mutilation, dismemberment and sexual violence against the image of a human being.” Children under 18 years access to these essential elements of virtually almost any video game is proposed ban. Manufacturers of games should equip their products relevant tags. Salespeople face a fine of thousands of dollars for each violation of the law.

After California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill, a game industry immediately filed for state government to court. Last year, the Ninth Court of Appeals in San Francisco declared unconstitutional document. The judge noted that there is no scientific research, clearly showing the link between violence on screen and psychological trauma in children.

Opponents of the law point to the fact that the rating system for video games already exist. She owes nothing to prohibit, as it should in a free country, but to inform customers about what they are going to give their money.

But supporters point out that the law does not deny parents the right to buy arbitrarily violent games for children.

The case before the Supreme Court is scheduled for the autumn.

3 May 2010

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