RF State Duma in improving the country’s image among gamers: evil soldiers and vodka change Onegin, crushing zombie

In the State Duma discussed the possibility of the establishment of the expert council, which would restrict access to excessively violent or unpatriotic computer games. This is due to the fact that Russia’s reputation in the eyes of foreign and domestic gamers, according to the existing games, fairly raised questions. Stereotypes of the Cold War - Russia - evil empire “or the country where the bears roam the streets in fur cap with the balalaika at the ready - is firmly entrenched in the minds of developers, and the situation is unlikely to change by itself.

As told to “Novye Izvestiya” member of the Duma Committee on Youth Pavel Zyryanov, the Commission plans to make independent to her did not have access to all sorts of lobbyists. According to him, the commission must rely on the following criteria: “the interests of Russia, the suppression of attempts to distort historical facts, if the falsification discredits the country, as well as to impart love for the motherland.

4 June 2010

Finnish police investigating the case of stealing virtual furniture
The average age of PC-gamer - 42 years!

• Youth Committee of the State Duma wants to encourage Russian ruble manufacturers patriotic games »»»
After the scandal surrounding the game “Call of Duty”, where gamers offered to shoot civilians passengers at Sheremetyevo, the State Duma is seriously concerned unpatriotic content of computer games.
• The American company has blocked access to the Crimean popular computer games »»»
From today, the American company Blizzard suspended Crimean access to their accounts Now residents of the peninsula.
• Gamers will be able to feel pain from the virtual blows and wounds »»»
Gamers will provide a tool for a deeper immersion in virtual reality.
• Chukotka, Kamchatka and Magadan closer to Moscow. Three regions DFO will live in the same time zones »»»
Soon, three regions of the Far Eastern District: Chukotka, Kamchatka and Magadan, will live in the same time zones.
• Fans of video games serve in the army better than others »»»
According to the Office of Naval Research USA, combat missions with the best handle those soldiers who are to serve in the army is actively playing computer games.