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15 April 2011

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Left console fighting game Mortal Kombat

• In Moscow, a museum computer games »»»
Since the history of virtual entertainment has been around for decades, it’s time to organize a museum devoted to the topic.
• Obama: Hunter terrorists. »»»
On the topic of jokes on the President to create a lot of mobile games.
• The multiplayer game for solving of pictures and words. »»»
Korrova - a social game of solving a fascinating puzzle, words and pictures.
• New Year's week of RedStar Poker! Daily Freerolls! »»»
New Year’s week of RedStar Poker! Daily Freerolls! During this week, will be held daily freerolls for players who signed with Red Star Poker 33% Rakeback with our bonus code BELARUS.
• Deputies of the Duma opposition trolls zaDDoSili Duma beat Kirkorov on Twitter and become heroes Runet »»»
“Italian strike” in the State Duma has become the most discussed topic in RuNet.