A full comparison of Xbox 360, PS3 and PC together

Confess, all new, Next-gen consoles have been a solid disappointment. Xbox 360 proved to be extremely unreliable, PlayStation 3 is too expensive, PC ruined the AIT and Nvidii with SLI and Crossfire, but about the Wii, with its puzzles instead of the normal game, without tears and say it is impossible …

First drive along the advantages and disadvantages and all gaming platforms.

14 November 2009 | console, pc, playstation, wii, xbox

Blizzard will not release Diablo 3 before 2011
Japanese doubles allowed an unforgivable mistake in the localization of Modern Warfare 2

• Microsoft disabled the 600 thousand Xbox 360 from Xbox Live »»»
Company Microsoft has blocked access to Xbox Live for about 600 thousand Xbox 360.
• 10tacle Studios is preparing a special version of Elveon for PS3 »»»
Elveon, role-based third-party action still appear on the Playstation 3 … Recall the game was originally announced only for the platforms PC & Xbox 360, causing a large negative from the fans console Playstation.
• Microsoft game console will be released in Russia before the competitor from Sony »»»
In Russia start sales top box next generation XBox 360 from Microsoft.
• PS3 trying to exchange for Wii »»»
Start the PlayStation 3 was far from straightforward. And now we have enough problems of Sony Corporation.
• Until then sunk .... »»»
Tow truck driver carrying two weeks ago, the crumpled car after a fatal accident that killed 11-month-old infant, was convicted of stealing a PlayStation 3 from a car.