The South Korean government has named Gambling Addiction and Internet Addiction one of the main social problems of the country

The South Korean government has named a passion for games and the Internet one of the main social problems of the country and announced a plan to combat addiction.

Starting next year, gamers and avid Internet users will be prompted to install a special program on your computer. The first program limits the residence time in the web. With the help of the user or controlling person - for example, parents - can determine how much time you can spend on a walk on the Internet. Upon expiration of access to the web will be blocked.

The second program is aimed at gamers and was named Internet Fatigue. According to AFP, with the passage of time, it complicates the game - up until the player does not get tired of trying to pass the same episode. As this function will be implemented in practice, is still unknown.

Software to control the game and Internet addiction is part of a government program i-ACTION 2012, reports The Korea Times. Program offered the Ministry of Public Administration and Security. Its goal - to reduce the number of citizens who suffer from computer addiction, from 8,8% to 5%. The program is designed for 3 years.

16 March 2010

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