Volgodonsk resident detained for stealing online game character

For the first time Russian police are faced with a virtual theft. The object of the crime became a character in the game Lineage 2, which cost more than 5000 real rubles.

Statement of the unusual disappearance came to the police Murmansk. Frustrated man told me that attacked by hackers. The victim - a professional gamer, the hero he was “pumped” a few years to make it stronger and less vulnerable. In the end murmanchanin became the only owner of a powerful country kiberpersonazha called BSL.

The inspection revealed that traces of lead in the Rostov region.

- The Chicago group has been established by experienced experts of the Department “K” Don cupola MIA - said the Russian Interior Ministry official State of the Rostov region Zavgorodny Eugene. - Hacker was a 20-year-old resident of Volgodonsk.

After searching the apartment everything fell into place: the room the guy was found seven powerful computers. Most investigators were surprised that the suspect made for their convenience rails around the perimeter of the room - it allowed him to quickly move from one computer to another.

Kidnapped kibergeroya BSL returned to the owner. And for a virtual crime a young man facing a real up to two years.

6 October 2011

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