The creators of the game War Wings represent the League of aviators

In the popular mobile game War Wings update available. There was a new regime - League of aviators, as well as a number of new functions.

Thanks to the new regime of the League of Aviation Pilots, players will be able to fight with those whose planes belong to classes 3-6, within 20 days. Unique awards will be available to pilots, leading in each class.

Each participant of the League of Pilots-Aces will receive points for each victory. In the League there are three main levels: Lieutenant, Major and General. Each of the levels in turn consists of sublevels. The 50 best players of the season will secure the rank of Colonel-General.

Seasonal prizes include coins and points, which the player who received the highest rank, will be able to spend on a special plane. The Lieutenant General will be able to get an exclusive plane, and the Colonel-General is an exclusive plane with a unique painting.

Additional updated features:

- Quick game mode: in this mode, players will randomly select either from the Death Match command or from the basic defense battles.

- The aircraft classification system now consists of five categories:

* Energy Fighter: excellently gain altitude and dive at a good speed;
* Turn Fighter: high maneuverability at low speeds;
* Attacker: Strong, but slow - suitable for attacks on ground targets;
* Heavy Fighter: good armament and firepower, but low maneuverability;
* Interceptor: strong in attack, but low performance and maneuverability.

- Exchange for the best airplanes: in the fast game mode and in the Ace Pilots League, players will receive vouchers that can be exchanged for Firefly and Bounty Hunter aircraft.

- Improved aircraft assessment system: it is now easier to notice the difference in aircraft performance.

- Improved “Mission” system: the system updates made it more interesting and complex, and the rewards for fulfilling tasks became more valuable.

- Team optimization: thanks to the upgrade of the system of team battles, players can fight with their opponents together with their friends; After each battle the aircraft with the largest number of dead will be marked, and the next time it will be easier to identify and take revenge.

- New functions: simple orders to teammates, selection of the main player and evaluation of performance after battles.

About War Wings

The popular mobile game War Wings is a 4v4 PvP simulator of air battles in real time with interesting 3D graphics. The game reproduces the battles of the Second World War with historical accuracy to the technical details and dynamics of real battles. Players can purchase and upgrade models of real aircraft from World War II and fight for air supremacy with pilots from around the world.

The game is already available in Europe, and in early 2017 will appear in North America, Britain and Russia. At the moment, it is available for devices on the Android platform, and will soon appear in the App Store for devices on the iOS platform.


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20 January 2017

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