Based on the play Angry Birds animated series will be released in the autumn, and in 2014 - the movie

The Finnish company Rovio, creating a popular game for mobile devices Angry Birds, the fall will release a cartoon based on the Angry Birds of 52 short episodes, reports The Telegraph.

“We will try to release a TV series for all possible devices. We want to be on all the screens,” - said the head of animation Rovio Nick Dorr, adding that the show “will explore the deep thoughts and feelings of the characters, for example, why do they always get angry?”.

Duration of Angry Birds cartoon series will be 2-3 minutes. According to Darrah, the development is a feature film Angry Birds, which may be issued no earlier than 2013-2014.

Play Angry Birds, where users have to kill pigs with bird shot with a slingshot, has been downloaded to mobile devices, more than 700 million times. Angry Birds has become the most popular mobile application paid for all time, in addition to her already published a series of different topical products, including toys, clothing and covers for phones.

2 April 2012

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• Play Angry Birds broke the mark of a billion downloads »»»
Angry Birds Puzzle overcome the barrier of one billion downloads.
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The developers of Angry Birds studio Rovio confirmed rumors that they are preparing another character for their project.
• Les oiseaux jouent en colère brisent la marque d'un milliard de téléchargements »»»
Angry Birds Puzzle surmonter la barrière d’un milliard de téléchargements.
• Dans Angry Birds sera un nouvel oiseau »»»
Les développeurs de Angry Birds studio de Rovio confirmé les rumeurs qu’ils préparent un autre personnage pour leur projet.
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Die Entwickler von Angry Birds Studio Rovio bestätigte Gerüchte, dass sie bereiten ein anderes Zeichen für ihr Projekt.