Finnish police investigating the case of stealing virtual furniture

According to police, “a significant amount of property” was stolen from 400 users of the popular online game Habbo Hotel.

Members of this game can create a virtual character who is “hanging out” with friends, take care of animals and furnish rooms “Hubby” pieces of furniture, said portal Breitbart.

Kibervory hacked into user accounts to gain access to their name and password, and then on their “person” stole property from the rightful owners, say police.

Police searched several houses and confiscated several computers and questioned several people. The size of the damage estimate has not yet succeeded, but punish thieves may suffer the most “serious”.

Note that the virtual world is increasingly “invade” in real life, and it’s hard to distinguish truth from the pixels. In January, for example, in Sweden for 330 thousand dollars was sold to the space station Crystal Palace, which appears in the multiplayer online game Planet Calypso. According to the buyer Erik Novak, the object of virtual real estate is “one of the few safe investments in the current economic conditions.” Now, Novak will be able to charge a fee to other players for the use of the Service Station.

2 June 2010

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