World of Warcraft trial-version released

On the official website, Blizzard has become available for download shareware version of game play World of Warcraft: Starter Edition.

In contrast to the first placement trial-version, which was available in free mode only in the first 14 days of play, represented one of these days allows players to level their characters up to level 20 without any financial investment.

Instead, the transition to the 21st level gamer offered to pay $ 20 and download the WoW Battle Chest, which contains the original game and the addition of The Burning Crusade, and a monthly subscription. Each subsequent month will cost the user in the game $ 14.99.

Experts believe that such a solution the company was not made casually. Numerous games on social networks that do not require to pay for game time, provoked the audience outflow WoW, which negatively affects the profits of the company Blizzard. With shareware version is supposed to return interest to the World of Warcraft.

29 June 2011

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