Russian automatic shotgun Saiga-12 appeared in the American game BATTLEFIELD 3

Combat shotguns have tremendous performance at close range. The overall killing power of the sheaf of buckshot cartridges 12 caliber at a distance of 30 meters corresponds to ten bullets patron 9h19Luger and bullet shot is superior to all military power to 7.62mm caliber bullets.

Self-loading shotguns, designed for special operations, are in service with many armed forces. U.S. Marine Corps - is no exception. The basic shotgun - M1014. This semi-automatic shotgun, which uses the vapor scheme, designed by Italian company Benellli specifically for the contest on the USMC combat rifle. Features M1014, won the contest, it is unique: the complete disassembly of weapons takes only 45 seconds, and the cleaning and lubrication - 10 minutes (needed only once every 500 rounds). The manufacturer guarantees 25 000 shots without replacement of any parts of weapons.

Russian automatic shotgun, introduced in Battlefield 3 - commonly known Saiga-12, originally released on the civilian market, but later adopted by the armed special forces of the MVD.

The basis of design - AKM rifle, redesigned chambered 12 gauge. For a number of parameters “Saiga” gives classic smoothbore guns: the lack of barrel length and sight radius limit the use of a gun as a hunter, but when shooting in a confined space, compact and easy to use Saiga-12 has unmatched firepower, and tough steel construction allows you to use a gun in hand battle. Among the most comprehensive range of 12 caliber ammunition can be identified special police bullets intended for the opening of locks and door knocking in the assault. To this end, the barrel wears a special attachment included with the guns supplied to the Russian Interior Ministry units. A special advantage of the “Saiga”, not typical for Russian weapons - the “Picatinny bars” that allow to mount on the gun sights, and any additional equipment.

The Saiga 12K (Saiga) is a Russian 12-gauge Combat Shotgun available in a wide range of configurations. Its firing mechanism is heavily based on the famous and time-proven Kalashnikov assault rifle design and thus they share many similarities. The weapon also comes in a 20-gauge variant and is instead called the Saiga 20K.

2 March 2012

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