A pair of gamers in South Korea’s growing virtual child starved to death three-month daughter

Young parents spend 12 hours a day in internet cafes, where they were playing online games. The most popular they have enjoyed the role-playing multiplayer PRIUS - they have created a virtual child and have been wrestling with its development.

Married couple from the city of Suwon, South Korea, has been charged with abusing his own child and neglect. All the time 41-year-old Kim Yu Cheol (Kim Yoo-chul) and 25-year-old Choi Mi Sung (Choi Mi-sun) give online games, forgetting that their houses waiting for a hungry baby.

Play the couple preferred not out of the house (and whether or not in the flat computer and Internet access, unknown), and from nearby Internet cafes. Particular attention they give multiplayer role-playing strategy PRIUS - one of game Second Life. Newspaper The Syndey Morning Herald reports that one of the main priorities in the game the couple was to develop their virtual child.
In September 2009, Yu Chol and Mi Son returned home after the regular 12-hour raid on the internet club and discovered that their little daughter shows no signs of life. The couple contacted the police. Arriving Law enforcement officials have noticed that the child is severely depleted. A team of doctors determined that the cause of death of three months’ babes have the hunger and dehydration.

5 March 2010

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