The release of Duke Nukem Forever

Today, as planned, officials began selling long-term construction of the famous - the game Duke Nukem Forever. You can buy it in Europe, Australia and Japan four days later the game will appear in the U.S.. Save the Earth from alien protagonist Nyukem Duke will be on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well as on computers.

Today, Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to appear and the CIS, but the publisher 1C-SoftKlab “reported transfer PC-version of the project indefinitely because of technical problems.

“At the moment, work is underway to remedy the difficulties. Company 1C-SoftKlab” apologizes to all affected by this situation, “- noted on the publisher site. Version of Duke Nukem Forever for the console will go on sale June 14.

10 June 2011

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Reviewers did not like Duke Nukem Forever

• Built Borderlands release Duke Nukem Forever »»»
President studio Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford (Randy Pitchford) confirmed that his company is developing the game Duke Nukem Forever.
• Reviewers did not like Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Western observers have met a very cool project of Duke Nukem Forever, the development of which took about 14 years.
• Les examinateurs n'ont pas comme Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Les observateurs occidentaux ont rencontré un projet très cool de Duke Nukem Forever, dont le développement a pris environ 14 ans.
• Rezensenten nicht wie Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Westliche Beobachter haben ein sehr cooles Projekt von Duke Nukem Forever, deren Entwicklung rund 14 Jahre dauerte, traf.
• Construit en bordure du communiqué de Duke Nukem Forever »»»
Président studio Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford (Randy Pitchford) a confirmé que son entreprise est le développement du jeu Duke Nukem Forever.