Announcement Counter-Strike: Global Offensive took place officially

Today, the company Valve has officially announced the development of one of the most popular cyber games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Recall that CS: GO - it is still a good old shooter CS, but is much improved, with improved gameplay and visualization.

16 August 2011

Today is published game “Age of Empires online”.
EA will provide the best games on GAMESCOM 2011

• Valve will release a new version of Counter Strike in early 2012 »»»
One of the testers, Counter-strike: Global Offensive shared details of the gameplay before the game on display Gamescom.
• Very soon FIFA 12 »»»
So it’s good news for all fans of virtual soccer and more.
• Company Stainless Games has officially confirmed rumors that she is engaged in restarting the well-known in the last series of games Carmageddon »»»
Stainless Games today announced the development of the game Carmageddon: Reincarnation.
• Built Borderlands release Duke Nukem Forever »»»
President studio Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford (Randy Pitchford) confirmed that his company is developing the game Duke Nukem Forever.
• Ventil wird eine neue Version von Counter Strike Anfang 2012 Release »»»
Einer der Tester, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive geteilt Details des Gameplays vor dem Spiel auf dem Display Gamescom.