Land of Rain

Game title: Land of Rain
Dating Game: landofrain
Developers: unknown
Game Type: browser
Play Style: Fantasy
Status: Online
Genres: MMORPG
Available Platforms: PC
Paying: Free
Release date: unknown


Russian online browser-based multiplayer role-playing game.
Name game immediately makes it clear that it is - fantasy. Pleasant surprises of its great diversity of its characters, their abilities. And as a player to make many changes with his character. And very wisely by the developers that the game is free. Usually the last few years the genre fentezn badly beaten, izhezzhen up and down, but here found much imagination on the part of the developer. And while retaining the classic set of diversity of races, abilities, characters, ways of warfare. The felicitous way out beyond the monotony and static, you can create clans. You can quite safely assume that it will not cause adverse reactions of players and will be claimed by them in the game.

In this fantasy game can be an elf or a troll, do many quests, learn magic and become a part of a strong clan. The game has an opportunity to purchase any game goods for real money. In addition to the game currency and rare pets, you can change the parameters of character, gender, nickname, and race.

The game is available a few "standard" fantasy races. These are people who possess magic, agile and quick elves, dwarves durable stocky, strong and cruel trolls. Each hero has a tendency, giving him a number of bonuses. The tendency may be sulfur (absent), she comes to soldiers; characters with dark tendencies can use powerful black magic spells, characters with a light inclination - is skilled healers, those heroes who can not choose the path of light or darkness, become carriers of the neutral and inclinations are bonuses to agility and precision.

The hero has a few basic parameters. This strength, agility, intuition, stamina, intelligence, magic, will, the monastic life and divinity. Not all options are available from the very beginning of the game, you can use magic only to master as it should. Each race parameters vary, this explains their predisposition to a particular type of combat activity. In the game a few weapons. This knives, daggers, swords, axes, axes, hammers and magic wands. The level of ownership by each of the weapons should be developed separately. There is a melee skill (fist) fight.

In the game you can create your own clan, save enough money and creating a clan site. A clan has its own character and history, clan members can starts a unique clan of creatures that are useful in battle. Members of one clan clan may wear uniforms and get their own channel in the chat. Play is always more interesting to a large company.

25 October 2009 | date, developer, genre, mmorpg, name, output, pc, type, website

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