Stavropolets presented himself as a hero computer game GTA. The result of the “game” - one dead, six wounded, several accidents

July 5 at the track “Novoaleksandrovsk-Stavropol” to create a thriller based on the famous video game Grand Theft Auto. As it turned out during the interrogation, police officers, his “hero“, who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol, is indeed a character in this computer “shooter.”

It all began with the fact that the 20-year-old local “Vice City” Novoaleksandrovsk took from his father’s car and going for a drive around the city. As a young man had already managed with drugs, “enter into the role of” a computer character, he was driving, of course, not paying attention to traffic lights, signs and markings. Before the first collision. Rammed an oncoming car, the hero of GTA contrary to the laws of the genre waited for traffic police officers, signed a protocol of an accident and refusing to breathe into a tube and went to look for a new car, leaving the old, broken into pieces at the scene. And to make it easier to find the car, he picked up a pneumatic gun, by type - an exact copy of the combat.

On the street he saw Lenin’s right machine - “Mitsubishi Lancer”. Sitting behind the wheel of his classmate. Without hesitation, our hero put a gun to the head of the driver and obscenely asked him to leave the car. But a classmate gave the price of gas and a few injuries still managed to leave.

Then the young man decided to look for lighter rivals, and almost immediately found: near the sports club was “Chevrolet Cruze” was a girl behind the wheel. It was set on the gun to his head responded supple, it is immediately moved to the passenger seat as she and demand. At the gas station a girl out of the car jumped out and started running, but it caught a couple of bullets. Thank you for not fighting.

Then again, the hero got bad luck, “Chevrolet”, overclocked to nearly the speed limit, ran out into the oncoming lane and collided head-on with the “fourteenth.” 35-year-old driver received fatal injuries, and the scumbags though henna: airbag saved.
While the driver of a passing “KamAZ” tried to pull the dying out of twisted machinery, the “hero” went on his computer, “odyssey”: got into the “KamAZ” and rode away.

However, to leave quietly failed. At the tail of the traffic police officers were sitting. The news of a madman on the road has reached the same to duty unit. After a few warning shots police fired at the wheels, but to stop the “KAMAZ” is not easy. Even the tires with a bullet, he continued to rush forward, now and then leaving the opposite lane. One of those visits ended with a head-on collision by bus.

- A collision with a bus, in which there were 37 passengers, was on the side opposite lane. As a result of the accident suffered four. By some miracle nobody was killed - reported “CP” in the Office of Traffic Police in the Stavropol Territory.

Should not perish, and the “hero” GTA. Not that has been encoded source of immortality, not just a lucky idiot.

7 July 2012

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