10-year-old Muscovite drew thief game on the computer, and came home owner held him

Muscovite with a child of ten could neutralize of two robbers in his apartment, and release the minor hostage. The boy also took an active part in the “special operation”, having had an offender to play with him on the computer.

The police could only detain the two “burglar” who attempted to rob an apartment in one of the houses in Marshall Chuikova in the southeast of the capital, according to Life News quoting the press-secretary of Internal Affairs of South-eastern district of Moscow’s Olga Yegorova.

The heroic deed carried out 46-year-old native of Uzbekistan named Victoria, who lives with her son in the neighborhood Kuzminki. Women were not at home when her house decided to come back in a criminal duo fortochnikov “of 34-year-old Alexis Z. and 30-year-old Artem D..

Those Muscovites, one of which had already been convicted, entered the residence through an open window of Victoria: first, a younger, more nimble Artem got into the room through the narrow window openings, and then he opened the door to his crime partners from within.

31 August 2010

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