In Japan, the game appeared urinals Sega, controlled stream of urine

Sega has established a company in the four bars and the halls of slot machines urinals equipped with pressure gauges and digital displays. The man who decided to take advantage of novelty, can play the game, controlled stream of urine.
The essence of the game Graffiti Eraser, for example, is that the user was aiming at a pressure sensor and erased the virtual graffiti on display. In games, The North Wind and The Sun and Me by force jets can set limits to which the rising wind fanned a virtual girl’s skirt, reports
The game Splashing Battle! user can “compete” the power of their jets with the previous user. After each game, the display shows digital advertising. Urinals will be removed on Jan. 31, 2011.

20 January 2011

Children learn computer faster than tying shoelaces and cycling
The author of the new most downloaded iOS-game is a 14-year-old

• The South Korean government has named Gambling Addiction and Internet Addiction one of the main social problems of the country »»»
The South Korean government has named a passion for games and the Internet one of the main social problems of the country and announced a plan to combat addiction.
• Japanese companies have postponed games out of the disaster and calamities »»»
Because of Japan tsunami struck, several game companies decided to postpone the yield on the Japanese games market, which is tied around the plot and natural disasters.
• Life is like a tank. Ukraine embraced a new passion - the online game World of Tanks »»»
Daily brutal tank battles killed up to 3 million Ukrainians who immediately raised, and again into the battle.
• The annual sale of computer games on Steam will begin June 12 at 21.00 in Moscow »»»
Before you dig, colleagues, remember that the H2 is a category of “Games” and in it as much as much as 3 sub-sections.
• In Steam to Russia is already available Jagged Alliance - Back in Action »»»
Initially, the project was announced under the title Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded.