Military asking gamers to help in the fight against Somali pirates

The first question that may arise when reading the headline: “What has the gamers?”. U.S. Navy specialists believe that it gamers can help corporations to the international community to deal with pirates, because players who have grown expert in the strategies and different MMORPG, help develop a new technique for fighting with Somalis. It seems that war, this struggle can not, the ships continue to grab, and the pirates continue to receive money. Of course, the military will not ask for advice from gamers on forums or other resources, to be attached to a problem for gamers, a special multiplayer online game.

This toy is called Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet (MMOWGLI). Running game was supposed to happen on Monday, but something was not grown together, and the opening game postponed by several days. U.S. Navy promised that the launch will happen later this month. Incidentally, one of the reasons that delayed the launch - it’s too large number of people willing to participate in this game, apparently, the resources allocated for emulation of the game world, will not withstand an influx of volunteers.

The military expects that all participants will be able to develop a common strategy to combat piracy by offering new ideas. In addition, each participant of the action will have to make assumptions about what specific risks that threaten the conduct of any other action of the sea. Project participants will be able to vote for each other’s ideas, make the corrections, to expand and refine. The result will be generated a range of ideas that can be used in real conditions.

It is worth noting that the game is divided into three rounds, each of which takes about a week. After this period of gaming the system will process all the ideas, giving the entire array of more or less coherent form.

Yes, the fans to run and shoot here, probably would not be very interesting. But fans of collective discussions in the form of games will get a lot of fun.

18 May 2011

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