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Funcom is proud to introduced to all fans of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is not on-line comics magazine. Created in collaboration with the talented folks at Dark Horse Comics comic books depict the various anecdotes and incidents that occur in the virtual world of Age of Conan. The magazine has a circulation of several hundred thousand copies, mostly in conjunction with gaming magazines. However, for those of you who are not able to buy this unkalnuyu thing, or have forgotten how to read printed media, on the site Age of Conan laid out PDF-file with these comics, which is regularly updated.
Enjoy your reading!

27 December 2006 | age, case, comics, conan, fan, history, journal, kids, world

Known hacker made a program that allows you to run everything on the PSP games on PlayStation
PS2 - “pomatrosil and threw”

• "STALKER" to "gold" »»»
We are glad to inform all fans of the project “STALKER”, that the game went into print!
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By writing this review, strangely enough, I was prompted an article in one of the gaming magazines.
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Why Russia does not have any normal magazine about the game?
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There are reports that the game Ryu ga Gotoku 2, outside of Japan, known as Yakuza 2, enjoys great popularity in his homeland.
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Yahoo! Games talked the other day with a great director Kevin Smith for all sorts of interesting topics.