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Why Russia does not have any normal magazine about the game? Why mass rastrely save this world? Are there people playing in the Nintendo DS in 63 years? Which game should take on a desert island? On this and many other things - the link.

24 January 2007 | blog, creator, ds, interview, journal, man, nintendo, russia, world

Starcraft 2 comes out this year?
PS3 begin to cheapen ….

• EnterMedia. Advertising in video games. »»»
The report, auditors play people in Russia ” Fighting, fighting games, simulations and role-playing civilians are more typical for boys aged 10 to 19 years.
• Compulsive gambling »»»
People love to play games. Not only in gambling. In 60-ies in the United States have become very popular so-called “role-playing games.
• The best simulation of all time was late for 11 years - »»»
Disk with toys for consoles Sega CD, been conceived as made popular in America comedians Penn and Teller, had yet to see the light 11 years ago.
• Age of Conan: comics magazine »»»
Funcom is proud to introduced to all fans of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is not on-line comics magazine.
• Aliens vs Predator will issue in Russia »»»
So I think this game is known to all as “Aliens vs Predator” which once took pride of place in the rating games, and I think it took until now!