Crysis: man against the jeep

One of the main features of Crysis, which like so many fans, is the high interactivity. In the virtual world created by Crytek in collaboration with Electronic Arts, the player can hack palm machine gun, demolish entire buildings with the help of trucks, destroy fences, shoot enemies and blast technique.

26 January 2007 | all, company, crysis, electronic arts, enemy, features, man, player, world

Office killer
Sweden has opened an official embassy in the computer game

• Age of Conan: comics magazine »»»
Funcom is proud to introduced to all fans of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is not on-line comics magazine.
• Star Wars Galaxies: details of the fifth addon »»»
“For those who have not noticed, during 2006 and 2007-year we were engaged in the improvement of the economic system of the product.
• In Second Life build Moscow »»»
Musasi Tanabe, owner of Moscow, oversees the entire process of building.
• Hellgate: London - release scheduled for the summer »»»
One of the most famous long-term construction, a hybrid of action games and role-playing game Hellgate: London, found a more or less approximate date of release.
• What Disciples 3 the future bring?? »»»
Exit Disciples III Renaissance, another series of turn-based strategy game Disciples, will, without doubt, one of the most important developments in the industry of computer entertainment.