Vista and Second Life

Microsoft has placed in the online game Second Life billboards and screens that will broadcast the concert in the real part of the worldwide campaign to launch Windows Vista.

6 February 2007 | campaign, life, microsoft, run, screen, second life, vista

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• A blogger made a parody of Second Life »»»
The popular Canadian blogger made a parody of the project site Sesond Life.
• Games with DirectX 9 brake "Vista" »»»
Although, Microsoft has promised, but she could never be fully backward compatible new version of DirectX 10 (as we know, this version is completely rewritten, so radically different from previous), and older versions of DirectX.
• Vista has blocked 70 million secretaries »»»
Immediately after the release of the new operating system Windows Vista was discovered that she was “not friendly” with most casual games.
• Spiele mit DirectX-9-Bremse "Vista" »»»
Zwar hat Microsoft, aber sie konnte nie vollständig abwärtskompatibel neue Version von DirectX 10 versprochen hat (wie wir wissen, ist diese Version komplett neu geschrieben, so radikal verschieden von oben), und ältere Versionen von DirectX.
• The company Yahoo has established bus stops of San Francisco digital screens to passzhiry could play video games »»»
Internet giant Yahoo! set at 20 bus stops in various parts of the San Francisco digital screens that allow passengers, waiting for the bus, play video games.