Finns to condemn the Americans for the death of the space fleet

One of the “corporations” multiplayer game EVE-Online filed a lawsuit against the real enemy is a virtual “alliance”. The reason for the trial was “espionage activities” one of the alliance members Goonswarm in the ranks of the corporation FinFleet.
Finnish users of the game, created by Icelandic programmers turned to law enforcement authorities of his country and asked for a legal assessment of the actions of the “spy” living in the U.S. in terms of securing the Internet, and financial losses to the corporation.

23 February 2007 | activities, alliance, american, corporation, court, party, series

Before the release of GTA4 left …
Exclusive Features for PS3-version of SpiderMan 3

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Finnish company Sulake Corporation announced the official launch in Russia its project Habbo.
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Many new players use diplomacy effectively unsystematic way. They used diplomacy only when this became necessary.
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October 14, 2009 Moscow October 14, 2009 Company NIKITA.Online, one of the leading publishers of online games on the territory of Russia.
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Probably in the middle of the day you just once, but it would distract from the reality of everyday office?