Exclusive Features for PS3-version of SpiderMan 3

The company Activision is preparing a few surprises for the owners of the PlayStation 3 along with the release of SpiderMan 3: Collector `s Edition version of the console will offer interviews with the actors, special bonuses and most importantly a new character -” New Goblin “, which can tear through the city on an incredible speed, if players use the Sixaxis …

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Finns to condemn the Americans for the death of the space fleet
Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars on sale from March 28

• 10tacle Studios is preparing a special version of Elveon for PS3 »»»
Elveon, role-based third-party action still appear on the Playstation 3 … Recall the game was originally announced only for the platforms PC & Xbox 360, causing a large negative from the fans console Playstation.
• 10tacle Studios prépare une version spéciale de Elveon pour PS3 »»»
Elveon, basée sur les rôles de troisième action parti figurent encore sur la Playstation 3 … Rappeler le jeu a été annoncé à l’origine uniquement pour les plateformes PC et Xbox 360, causant un grand négatives de la part des fans de console Playstation.
• Alawar Entertainment has released a trainer for mathematicians »»»
The company Alawar Entertainment, specializing in so-called casual games, has released a new product called “Magic Numbers”.
• Games industry from February 26 to March 4. Events. Facts. Comments »»»
Electronic Arts markets demo coming Command Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.
• World of Warcraft trial-version released »»»
On the official website, Blizzard has become available for download shareware version of game play World of Warcraft: Starter Edition.